Title of Role

IMMC Maintenance Engineer

Work Experience
2-4 Years


  • Responsible for all aspects of the injection molding process including, setup,troubleshooting, equipment maintenance and work flow.
  • Working with production personnel and R&D to ensure molded components meet requirements, making adjustments as required.
  • Develop tooling and fixtures that result in the manufacturing of high quality products.
  • generating documentation on machine runs that can be used to control traceability and ensure reproducibility.
  • Worlking with quality and manufacturing departments on maintenance related works,concept,prototyping and release of new products.
  • following established procedures in order to maintain a clean and organized environment.
  • Drafting and performing machine validations.
  • Perform minor building,HVAC,plumping,electrical and Painting repairs as necessary.
  • Implement preventive maintenance schedules & measures.
  • Maintain inventory of repair equipment and supplies.
  • Complete inspections of machine & utility equipments with maintenance manager.
  • Respond quickly in the event of an emergency,notify appropriate personnel and follow safety protocol.
  • perform other maintenance duties as requested.

Key Skills

Technical/Functional: For the position of plant engineering-IMD

Soft: for the plant engineering: Presentation skills ,analytical skills

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