Amaron Brute
Amaron Brute, the latest Product offering traction Battery from Amara Raja Batteries Ltd is the 2V High Integrity series from Amaron Hi Life Batteries range in tubular series. Amaron Brute incorporating the cutting edge technology offers an unbeatable value proposition for the most demanding and rugged applications in back-up power for motive power. Amaron Brute is designed to be a robust, enduring and reliable Battery fulfilling all your requirements of back-up power for motive power applications in harsh outdoor environments.

Cutting Edge Design Features:-
  1. Brute- Spine

Positive Plates are made with Tubular Spine with Dry Powder filling Process Technology, ensuring weight consistency of the plates, enable
Long Life Performance with High Backup resulting higher service life.
Higher Cyclic Life of 1700cycles@80%DoD @ 25Deg.C , offering unmatched lower TCO.
  2. BI- COS Flow

Best in class Cast on Strap ( HADI Automatic Machines) Provides Consistent and uniform Pole –Bridge Composition, enabling the product
Insured from acid Leakages.
High conductivity of the current, results in lower charging costs and prolonged life Performance
  3. HI-Def- Tray

The battery comes with plastic powder coating with cutting edge technology offering
Good mechanical support for the cells
Defending leakage current & corrosion.
  4. Bridge Eneron +

Pole terminal designed on Conical Design with 16mm Insert Diameter, with run of Bolton Connector with fully Insulated Terminals offering
Energy on Connectors.
Passive to Heat and Corrosion
Aqua Filing Plug (optional)
  5. DIY Rx
In addition to the above features, Amaron Brute? offers a user friendly diagnosis & maintenance.
Accessories Provided with Flip- top Plugs, Electrolyte level indicators with blinking System
Low Maintenance Requirements, saving AMC cost to the user.